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We offer Indiana commercial automobile liability and physical damage coverage designed to protect light, medium and heavy vehicles with local, intermediate and long distance radius. From single units to large fleets, our Business Auto Policy offers liability limits from $300,000 to $5 million combined single limit (CSL) contact us at (844) 863-6154.

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We strive to make the process of finding Indiana business auto insurance as easy and stress-free as possible. We offer a variety of tools and resources to help you make the best decisions for your business. Our website features a comprehensive list of coverage options, as well as helpful guides and tips to help you compare different policies and providers. We also provide an easy-to-use quote tool so you can get instant quotes on business auto insurance from multiple providers.

Program Highlights for the State of Indiana

• Over 600 classes of business available for rating
• New coverage’s: Any Auto, Owned Auto, Drive Other Car, Cargo, Tools, Broadened Coverage
• $1,000 of Custom Equipment Coverage included on personal auto types
• Mileage radius up to unlimited miles
• Business and personal use available on personal auto types
• Heavy duty personal auto vehicles with incidental and non-business use are permitted
• Liability limits up to $1M CSL with underwriting approval
• State and federal filings available
• Optional Step-Down Liability Coverage Policy Contract

Flexible Payment Plans and Options
• As low as 10% for qualified risks
• Six and 12-month policy terms
• Auto Pay (EFT) by check or credit card
• Direct bill options

Available for the following business types in Indiana.

Contractor/Tradesman for Indiana Business Auto Policy
• Carpentry
• General Contractors
• Painters
• Electricians
• Handyman
• Plumbers
• Heating and Air Conditioning
• Flooring Specialists
• Roofers
• Siding Installers
• Masonry
• Landscaping/Lawn care
• Tree Trimming/Removal

Service Businesses for Indiana Business Auto Policy
• Accountants/Consultants/Realtors
• Janitorial/Maid Services
• Carpet Cleaning
• Repair Services
• Cable Installers
• Pool Cleaning
• Inspectors
• Interior Decorators/Design
• Florists
• Photographers
• Surveyors
• Locksmiths
• NEMT Insurance Auto & General Liability

Other Markets for Indiana Business Auto Policy
• Farming
• Shuttles (not for hire/fee)
• Catering/Food Trucks
• Grocery Wholesalers
• Bakeries
• Wholesale/Manufacturing
• Funeral Services
• Apparel Manufacturing
• Furniture/Appliance Delivery
• Automotive Parts Stores
• Courier/Package Delivery
• Dirt, Sand and Gravel
• Concrete/Paving Contractors
• Debris Removal
• More markets available to quote your company

What are the Liability Coverage Types in an Indiana Business Auto Policy?

Indiana Combined single limit (CSL)

An Indiana business auto policy with Combined Single Limit combines property damage liability coverage and bodily injury coverage under one single combined limit. For example, an insured driver with a combined single liability limit strikes another vehicle and injures the driver and the passenger. Payments for the damages to the other driver’s car, as well as payments for injury claims for the driver and passenger, would be paid out under this same coverage.

Indiana Split limits

An Indiana business auto policy with Split Limit Liability coverage policy splits the coverage’s into property damage coverage and bodily injury coverage. In the example given above, payments for the other driver’s vehicle would be paid out under property damage coverage, and payments for the injuries would be paid out under bodily injury coverage.

Bodily injury liability coverage is also usually split into a maximum payment per person and a maximum payment per accident.

The limits are often expressed separated by slashes in the following form: “bodily injury per person”/”bodily injury per accident”/”property damage”.

At Indiana Business Auto Policy, we take the stress out of shopping for business auto insurance. We provide our customers with a comprehensive list of business auto coverage options to choose from, as well as personalized advice and service from our agents. Our agents are experts in business auto insurance, with years of experience and knowledge to share. They can help you understand the different coverage options available to you, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each. This ensures that you get the right coverage for your business at the best rate possible.

At Business Auto Policy, our mission is to provide business owners with the knowledge, advice, and support they need to make the best decisions for their business auto insurance needs. We are committed to helping you get the right coverage at the best rate possible. We understand that each business is unique, and we strive to provide personalized coverage options to meet your individual needs.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the services we offer. If you have any questions, our Indiana agents are here to help. Thank you for visiting Indiana Business Auto Policy and we look forward to helping you find the best business auto insurance for your business.

Visit the Indiana BMV for more details of required business auto policy coverage’s.

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