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Contractors have many different types of vehicles to insure in the operation of their business.

Contractors sleep better at night because we have policies from the number 1 commercial auto insurance company in the USA.
#1 Commercial Auto Insurance For Contractors

Contractors come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a handyman juggling odd jobs or a large industrial builder, a new landscaping venture, or an established construction company, you’ll find the unique set of commercial vehicle coverage’s each needs in our Contractors Business Auto Policy Program.

Through our broad acceptability of businesses, vehicles and drivers, we provide coverage for all their hardworking vehicles and all the members of their work crew, too, from new hires to seasonal staff to veteran drivers and more.

Some contractors, such as a trucker delivering concrete to a construction site, may need higher limits to satisfy contractual requirements. In most cases, they’ll buy a $1 million commercial auto policy plus a $1 million commercial umbrella to meet those needs.

With our Commercial Auto program, you can offer limits of up to $2 million and save them money by delivering the higher limits they’re looking for without the added cost of an umbrella policy.

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Certain business professionals, such as contractors or engineers, are required by their customers to carry insurance for all vehicles in service to their business, whether owned by the business or not. For example, an independent contractor or engineer may be working on a large job site. Their client may require a specific  level of commercial coverage before awarding the job to make sure any vehicle associated with the job is covered.

We help our customers fill this contractual requirement with these additional liability coverage’s:

Any Auto liability
• Covers any vehicle used in the customer’s business, including any vehicle
acquired during the policy period.
Hired Auto liability
• Covers any non-owned, unlisted vehicle the insured has leased, hired, rented
or borrowed.
Employer’s Non-ownership liability
• Covers employees using their own (unlisted) vehicles incidentally in the
course of doing business.
Drive Other Car
• For corporations and partnerships, extends all coverage’s to private passenger
vehicles rented or borrowed for personal or business use—allowing the
commercial coverage to provide the same benefits as a personal lines policy
when a separate policy does not exist.

Other coverage’s
Roadside Assistance
• Covers the cost of roadside assistance in the event of a mechanical
breakdown, dead battery, or flat tire.
Rental Reimbursement
• Helps drivers get a temporary rental if their vehicle’s down due to a covered loss
Contractors often rely on permanently attached equipment, such as roof racks secured to the vehicle, which can be damaged in an accident. Our Business Auto Policy will cover this equipment up to the stated amount to ensure they’ll be able to replace everything they need to get back to working.